We are specialist family lawyers and mediators with many years of experience with a focus on solution led outcomes for our clients.


If you have been able to reach an agreement directly with your partner then we can give you guidance on the terms you have agreed and advise you as to the implications and legalities. We can prepare formal documentation if required.

We can also assist you in achieving a negotiated agreement if you have not managed to do this between yourselves and/or your partners solicitor.

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Collaborative Practice

A hugely supportive way of working together as a team whilst having the benefit of having continued advised throughout the process. This is achieved via a series of meetings where you each have your collaborative trained lawyer to help steer you both to an agreed outcome.

Other professionals can be involved that support the negotiations.

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Meeting with a neutral mediator giving you both the opportunity to achieve resolution in a way that is future focused and maintains communication.

We initially have a 1:1 meeting known as a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM) and assess who to move matters forward.

The next step would be to have a joint meeting (this can be by way of a shuttle mediation) to begin looking a solution focused way forward.

We are also able to offer Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM) with both parents permission and provided the children are of a certain age and wish to attend. This will always be discussed as an option.

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Court Process

The court will provide a clear timetable a binding decision when there is no other option available. When needed the court can be used for urgent or emergency issues.

We can support you and prepare the necessary documentation when making such an application and attend any hearings as appropriate.

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Arbitration is an alternative to the court process, as long as everyone agrees to it and is willing to be bound by the final award, when dealing with financial and children issues.

This is quicker than a court process but you both must choose and pay for an arbitrator (they are quasi judge and impartial) who will manage the documents required and any hearings along with your solicitor.

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