Our ethos is to make sure that as our client you will have all the options in order to make an informed choice as to how you wish to proceed. Our expertise includes:


The breakdown of a marriage will raise difficult questions and potential problems that will need to be resolved.  We will help you answer those questions and guide you through the divorce process step by step.

Financial Settlement

We deal with all financial aspects of divorce and judicial separation including foreign marriages, tracing hidden assets, asset freezing, offshore companies and trusts, family or business assets, pension issues, variation of maintenance orders & enforceability of foreign orders.

Pre & Post Nuptual Agreements

We can advise you in relation to the enforceability of  agreements in the UK and prepare Pre & Post Nuptual Agreement documents as well as Cohabitation agreements.

Civil Partnerships

We advise on and prepare civil partnership agreements for same sex couples dealing with all financial matters including pensions, offshore trusts and company structures.

Domestic Abuse

We can assist you with protecting yourself and your children. One of the ways could be by way of court application for a  non-molestation order and/or occupation order.


We deal with all matters relating to children including arrangements for children upon separation and specific issues, for example education or taking a child to live abroad.